Astharoshe Asran (Blue and white gown (DVD insert art) ) - Trinity Blood





I was given quite a bit of white Duchess satin. I own quite a lot of midnight blue taffeta. Decided that I wanted to do something with them as they are lovely fabrics.

I love Astha, I think she is a fantastic character. I didn't think about cosplaying her until now when I was looking for options to make use of the fabrics. If I am happy this will turn out this will replace Mirka as my Empire character for possible Empire groups. I think I will suit her better than Mirka.

I'm hoping to try and use my own hair for this with extensions. I have the right colour contacts and vampire fangs so hopefully this will be quite a cheap costume to put together.


Wyrdsister posted on 26 November, 2011 - 01:38
Gotta love this! I love Astha xx

Archer posted on 26 November, 2011 - 22:43
Wow, that is one pretty costume :) Good luck with this one :)

Genes-Angel posted on 28 November, 2011 - 20:20
Hey Emma. I bet you'll look awesome. I hope I'll get to see you in May EXPO. I have been googling all the cosplays now coz I dunno who anyones are XD

Sephirayne posted on 2 December, 2011 - 11:53
Thank you, Wydsister and Archer ;) Genes-Angel, I hope to make May Expo but it is looking very unlikely. Might try for one day. See how it goes. Be great to see you if I do go ;).

Wyrdsister posted on 21 December, 2011 - 01:55
pink is the new black! Looks good on ya :p

Sephirayne posted on 1 January, 2012 - 21:22
Hee hee, thanks hun ;).

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Progress Journal

6th September 2012

Yet more planning

Really want to get cracking with this but as I don't want to mess any of it up I'm going to plan everything out properly and research it.

I have come to a quick conclusion that hair extensions may not be the best way to go. The clip placement will make it very uncomfortable to wear the hat so I have decided to go with a wig instead. This means I can attach the red stripe to the wig properly.

I have also decided that to get a similar figure to Asta that I'm going to make a corset to wear underneath.

20th December 2011

Make-up and hair test

Just done a test to see what colours would work on me. She does wear quite a bit of pink which I'm not fond of. I did have one that did work which was a dusky pink. I used that on the lids and then a red under the eyes. I found that if I kept to the pink on its own I looked odd.

The hair is my own. I did accidently cut my fringe too short but thankfully it will grow out quite quickly. The red stripe was added with hair mascara. I will be adding hair extensions at some point.

The contact lenses are Nuada's which I love as they aren't a block colour. I didn't end up putting on false lashes as I couldn't get them to stick. Might not use them.

Over all, I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

5th December 2011

Trims brought

Yesterday I managed to find a perfect trim. Sadly there wasn't quite enough in stock. Thankfully, the awesome shop that I go to kindly let me have the reel it came off so I could order some more. I have enough to make a start so hopefully I can get cracking ;).

Hope to do make-up and hair test very shortly.