Sophitia (White dress battle costume) - Soul Calibur

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I chose Sophitia because out of my collection of pictures of costumes I wanted to make, hers is one which involves skill at armour. I've not had much practice at armour making so I figured this could be a test for me to see just how good I am at it. Currently the hardest parts have to be how much is involves in making the finer things like shoulder pads, arm guards etc. So many layers of foam need to be used and so many details need to be added that it takes a long while to do it all.
I guess the easiest part has to be the dress itself. It's a reatively straightforward design with not much detail needed so I find it easy to make. It's still not completed yet but it's on it's way to completion and i'm learning as I go along how to make the armour pieces perfect.


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