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I think I won something at some point..




One of my earliest and greatest of all the outfits ever made by me!
To this day I will get the occasional "cheesecake-san" called out to me by certain "parties"!
I made during 2001 when my craft supplies were limited to whatever I could get from a stationery store (aside from fabric).
So the main bits of the cheesecake headgear were made of layers of corrugated card taped together, some carpet tacks(pins with great round studs on one end very useful!) with their points cut off and orange clear plastic from a folder.
This has been updated to craft foam and foamcore.
Main outfit was all guesswork in terms of patterns.
The sleeves and trousers were baggy then suddenly tightened around the knees and elbows without even a hint of gathering!?!?!
I used upholstery leatherette on the straps and the butterfly motif on the chest was a shape cut from gold card stuck onto some marbled card I snagged off another folder. The studs around it were split pins held in the back with a little tape for a little comfort.
So top and trousers were black duchesse satin very nice.
Scarf was red cotton.
Blue lycra vest.
Battle skirt was a mixture of different materials and diciplines...and a whole lot of pain for this humble hand sewing guy! Green suedette made up the outer covering for each of the separate panels which were whatever coloured leatherette I could find and hotglued in place. Made up the green pockets and foolishly sewed them in place. Then even more foolishly sewed the lower edge in place (and that is a tough upholstery leatherette). The stud details on the cuff and skirt were made from stud buttons glued in place (bad idea as they do fall off).
Agh...The boots......Took me a while to find the colour of leatherette that I needed (I still got a lot left over) and they were just boot covers that extended up my leg basically (they were held down with staples into the rim of the sole). Extra piece to make up the top edge and finished with a cardboard plate covered in silver duct tape (with screwed up rolls of paper for the edging, now that an ART ATTACK!). The straps were double layer strips of black leatherette, the square rings were made of more cardboard wrapped in duct tape. The buckles were actually buckles that I bought at a market stall and I needed like 10 of them! The edge of the soles were completed with a row of carpet tacks pushed in (My thumb and forefingers were raw after this)

So I've worn this many times over the years, once at Otakon, once at AX, once at Animagic and a few times around the UK (London Expo, Animecon).


1000014 posted on 3 July, 2008 - 17:14
ahhh this is the first Grandia cosplay I seen you look great as Ryudo

MangaChild posted on 27 August, 2008 - 13:01
You make an Awesome Ryudo!!! Ryudo looks far cooler than his gimpy brother, see this costume brings back many memories of how i wasted a recorded 50 hours of my life fighting the same fight to level up *sigh* Awesome costume tho XD hope you re wear it at somepoint so i may actually get to see it in person

NightmareWings posted on 25 April, 2010 - 11:53
OMG! That ryudo is amazing! I'm cosplaying Tio for Oct expo...bring him out again!!!!

DuskatNight posted on 29 April, 2010 - 20:47
Such an amazing costume! I've hardly ever seen anyone cosplay as him at all so it's great seeing this! ^^

cross posted on 16 May, 2010 - 09:57
Now that sure is one rare cosplay and it's a very good one! X3

SlimDefinition posted on 26 February, 2011 - 18:54
Great job!