Catwoman - Batman: Arkham City

In Progress


I MUST do this. I love Selina, she`s one of my favorite villains, and I fell in love with AC`s design, the only big problem I think I`ll have is that EFFIN hexagonal fabric.. but I`ll do my best to sort that out cause this one needs to look perfect!

I already did a makeup test, and will try to get to work on the costume ASAP.

Alyx posted on 22 November, 2011 - 17:38
Gorgeous, really look forward to seeing this, you're gonna look amazing!! <3

Black fabric
Hexagonal fabric
Cat ears

Total cost: £0.00

2nd April 2012

Hexagonal fabric in progress!

A friend is helping me vectorize the pattern to get the fabric done and I just bought the cat ears :) also, i dont remember if i said this in my previous journal but the black plain parts have all been cut n.n i CANT WAIT to have some sewing progress on this T.T

27th November 2011

in progress

So, I guess I can safely say this is officialy in progress since I recently bought the boots for this which are, not only perfect in my opinion, but also GORGEOUS <3 I`m also going to make the pattern for the hexagonal fabric myself, and I have someone to print it out for me, I need to go buy the matte vinyl for the rest of the suit, and figure out how im gonna make the goggles, but im SO psyched for this! It`s a very difficult suit and I will feel so proud of myself if I manage to make this *w*

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