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AmeCon 2006


Well if truth be known, it was a tactical combination of bullying and charm that got me to make this outfit! Honestly, Leg armour has always put me off making this costume for ages, till I found a nifty technique that might be shared with you later!
So from top to bottom?
Wig- A white medium length wig that had to be coloured by hand using fabrico markers (for the surface visible hair)and dylon fabric markers (for the bulk of the underhair!)Took me a week to finish!
Top- Made a simple vest pattern and with some white duchesse satin, voila! The shoulder pieces were a bit of a challenge and they were a grey lining material glued and sewn over some craft foam. The zipper pull was made of craft foam at the last minute as I fail at finding a suitably sized silver metal ring anywhere! Everything was finished with black bias, even the faux pockets!
Elbow pad- Black lycra tube and then using some wizardly mathematics and circle theorem, devized the pattern for the brown suedette outer bit! All sewn up!
Wrist cuffs are blue craft foam shallow tubes with white bias finish! The same with the cuff that has a bit sticking out but this had an extra ring inside so that it kept its roundness!
Gloves- Kept getting covered up by the cuffs but they are stretchy brown leatherette sewn to make the fingerless gloves. The plating on the glove is again our good friend craft foam, though this time I gave it some subtle shaping with a blow dryer. The bits around the knuckle are white craft foamglued over another strip of craft foam.
Crotch cloth and waist details- More white duchesse satin, black bias and light blue vinyl (a very fortunate commodity to locate!), brown leatherette and black leatherette for the belt and more brown leatherette stuck to brown craft foam strips for the straps that were attached to dungaree clips (the foam gave the straps some thickness so that the clips had something to grip to).
Trousers- were bought, I was lucky to find a pair that would be quite that tight.
Leg armour- This took the longest time as it required some painting and very
careful painting at that. The bulk of the make was camping mat, which, as it fortunately turns out, was the right colour to begin with (blue). The nice satisfying curves in the top half were in fact the inside loop of an embroidery hoop. The material was ductile enough for it to stretch around the loop so as to form the pleasing curve.The lower leg was made up of two layers of campimg mat, the back half that was covered with brown leatherette was a layer of camping mat under a layer of thick craft foam (bought from the US a ticket to fly there has NOT been figured into the cost of the make). The material I found for the knee guards were amusing. They used to be a pair of foam coconut bra from a local party shop, turn inside out cut down to quarter spheres, painted then a strip of white craft foam applied to the top ridge. There is also some brown suedette to join upper leg armour with lower leg armour.
Shoes- A pair of shoes covered with brown leatherette, having first stuck the silver zipper down the front. The back "grill" is a double layer of thick craft foam which was then painted. Front plates were camping matshaped and glued down, they accommodated the shape of the front of the shoe when stretched a bit.

And that is that. At the moment it's only been worn once.

Monkey posted on 21 March, 2008 - 00:34
Faaaaaaayt! I love this game, its awesome and Fayt is so cool! I love the outfit - especially the leg armour! ^^ Wish I could've seen it in person!

Captain_Marvelous posted on 17 March, 2009 - 12:22
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you look great ^^ SO is my hero of games cliff is boss :P

Bangus posted on 14 August, 2012 - 10:40
This was one of My favourite ever Cosplay Groups I have ever witnessed. Even after these 6 years.

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