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I bought the trainers, leggings and t-shirt, and then I modified the tshirt by cutting off the sleeves and sewing buttons onto it. I learnt how to sew on buttons! yay.
Then I also bought the wig, pink neckscarf and whistle. I tried to find a digivice but they were either very expensive or non-existent.
I had to use hairclips to clip back some of the side bits on the wig, to make it more boyish like, like Kari's hair is :D


CrystalNeko posted on 16 October, 2008 - 19:27
Yaaay another Digimon cosplayer!! Can't wait to see this! ^_^ And yes I was one of the Garnet's in May :)

Littlegeeky posted on 23 October, 2008 - 19:01
Aww you look so cute as Kari Digimon cosplays rock!!! XD

sonia_leong posted on 3 November, 2008 - 22:29
What a cute cosplay!! I remember seeing you at the Expo ^w^ Aw, thanks for dropping by my profile sweety - I think I confused a lot of people at Expo haha, I did look very different from my usual style XD *bows* I'm flattered you like my work! I'll be cosplaying Abel again at the Grand Cosplay Ball, then at Minami and possibly once more at May Expo (he was so bloody expensive, I will get mileage out of him XD) so please say hi to me properly the next time we meet, and I'll doodle something for you, okay? ^w^

Anonymous posted on 12 January, 2009 - 12:24
You make such a cute Kari! >W< Now all you need is a TK and you're set.~

Freyarule posted on 12 January, 2009 - 20:12
d'aww, thankyou ^w^ Yus, unfortunately I could find no TK that day ._.

TheStarlightFairy posted on 18 January, 2009 - 21:00
squee! you're so cute ^^ thanks for all te comments by the way~

Hannah-Kiwii posted on 5 May, 2009 - 17:32
This is brilliant! All the cosplays of Kari and TK I've seen so far are second season, so it is nice to see the original =) As far as digivices go...I made one. I used fimo, and it looked surprisingly good...(it did take a fair amount of tiem to get right) Unfortunatly I seem to have misplaced it at midlands XD

Freyarule posted on 7 May, 2009 - 06:14
awww no! All that hard work...;A; And thankyou! I wanted to see more series 1 love (if I see a series 1 Tai, I'd go nuts from fangirlism xD) I've seen Fimo pop up in craft shops, so if I ever wear Kari again I'll try that :D thanks for the tips!

Goggles94 posted on 2 January, 2015 - 15:24
Aww you make such a great Kari! Wish I could of seen it! :)

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15th October 2008


Well, I'm very nearly finished with the costume - piccies up soon :3
this seemed like a good one to make, though a lot of the things like the pink leggings and whistle and neckscarf were bought on Ebay, and the only thing that I modified was cut off the sleeves of the yellow t-shirt and sew on the buttons. Well, I'm still learning :) and considering how in May I comissioned my Tohru costume, I'm quite proud of myself.