Ophelia - Hamlet - Manga Shakespeare




I've been a fan of this version of Hamlet for a long time, and the play is one of my favorites, so this is basically a simple costume I can put together as an homage to it.
Emma's designs for the Manga shakespeare version of Hamlet are really unique and beautiful so I look forward to playing with the combination of cyber elements (and armour plates stuck to the skin) and the flowing dress that Ophelia wears.
Most of this costume is being peiced togther from leftover peices of the Odette (Swan Princess) costume I made years ago, which will make up the wig and the lining for the dress. The rest is being made from other scraps of fabric I have lying around from old costumes, making it probably a 100% recycled costume. yay free!
Wore this to Kita4 as a last minute throw togther. Quite proud of it though, as my lipstick matched my nail polish perfectly in the same way hers does in the colour reference,


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Progress Journal

26th March 2012


Been working on this all day, and I'm almost getting somewhere. Reknewing my passionate hatred of bias binding tenfold.
So I've now added the silver strips around the neckline and bottom edge of the dress, and hemmed the main dress, much to my sewing machine's protests.
I've also made the little lower back panel that the wires feed into, and all the little metal sections down the side of the dress (out of the same bias binding used in the dress).
All I have to do for this now is to make the collar, wires and arm panels, then attach it all.
Been nice and cheap this one, only costing me the price of the binding so far, but hopefully I'll do her justice. May wear this again for Nemacon if Emma goes.