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So I'm gonna strive to do this for Hyper Japan, I may not get a chance to make as much as of it as I normally would, due to time restraints and with Kita costumes needing to be made too, but mom has a coat that is IDENTICAL to Re-L's and I've always ALWAYS wanted to cosplay her as I've loved her character and style the moment I saw her in the first episode of Ergo Proxy like 2/3 years ago lol.

I also think this anime is very VERY underrated and the soundtrack is flipping amazing! So I'm gonna give Re-L some cosplay love! If you havent watched this anime, then I HIGHLY recommend it! Especially if you like anime such as Karas, death note, Elfen Lied etc
She's only ever been up in my FB planned list though, but now she's up on here and I will strive to do this costume for Hyper Japan! Also, it will be warm to wear which is the main thing as February is colllldddd!!!!


10/02/2012: Looks like this is will be NO where finished for Hyper Japan in a couple of weeks... I havent been able to find a blue gem, get the edits to the tops done, find a belt, make the tie and butt flap.....*sigh* and I've been ill the last few days... so yeah.. looks like this will be on the backburner....like many other costumes...

DuskatNight posted on 17 November, 2011 - 22:01
You'll suit her so well. You really will. Want to go and watch the series now that you've reminded me of it.

FuriePhoenix posted on 17 November, 2011 - 22:04
^_^ thank you! I hope I will, I've always loved her! Same here.. I think tomorrow I will be re watching it after my exercise routine lol

FlyingMammal posted on 17 November, 2011 - 22:16
yyyyyyes please :D

amayhun posted on 17 November, 2011 - 22:58
epic, can't wait to see this! <3

J-Po posted on 17 November, 2011 - 23:25
love so much such an underrated anime

Nomes posted on 18 November, 2011 - 21:13
Make up breakdown? Please? It looks realy cool.

No thanks posted on 18 November, 2011 - 23:19
there is not enough cosplay of this !! <3 love the pictures so far

FuriePhoenix posted on 19 November, 2011 - 11:15
thanks guys! Nomes- consider it done in a journal!

Nomes posted on 19 November, 2011 - 12:10
Thank you! That was really helpful. You have a great selection of colours on that eyeshadow palette.

Illulyn posted on 29 November, 2011 - 14:34
Ahhh I've always wondered what she was from! The make up looks fantastic~ super can't wait for this 8D

FuriePhoenix posted on 29 November, 2011 - 21:26
aww thanks!

DefineImagineMJ posted on 2 March, 2012 - 21:40
Thanks for the comment on Faris. :-) This is looking awesome! I haven't seen this anime yet, but I keep seeing this character around a lot. What's it like?

Sketch McDraw posted on 3 December, 2013 - 04:13
Get her Finished and we'll do a shoot with my Ergo Proxy I promise ;D

FuriePhoenix posted on 14 December, 2013 - 22:33
Sketch- I'll try my best! I do wanna get it finished!

edit top
turn skirt into butt flap
sew top to leggings once top is edited
edit neckline of halter waistcoat
make tie out of sleeve from top
Black Shirt

Total cost: £0.00

10th January 2012

top WIP

Finally started work on the purple top this evening. I feel like I'm getting somewhere now with the motivation to actually make cosplay costumes XD! So far I've cut the neckline and sleeves off, brought the top in by about 2inches (though I think it might need more) cut the scoop back and hemmed it up, and done the front pattern/shape and pinned the hem line in place. Hoping tomorrow or sometime this week I will be able to do more sewing on the purple top, then I can start working on the black shirt and make sure it all fits nicely together. Also got to cut the flaps off the waistcoat so its more accurate. *sigh* still got so much to do it feels.....ah well I WILL get this done!

4th January 2012


Now I've found items that I can use laying around at home, I've decided on my next day that I get when I'm doing nothing at all, I can start editing these items so their more accurate to Re-L. I thought I'd have to purchase these items from Primark, but finding them at home not being used, means I save money and get to get cracking on this costume a lot sooner, as HJ is only next month! EEP! I've got mom looking at her work for a blue jewel for the tie, and I'm gonna get very thin elastic for it so i can wear it comfortably. It wont greatly accurate unfortunately, but hopefully when with everything it will be accurate enough! ^_^ I'm just happy that I've saved myself about £11 finding this items!! yippee!! I was going to go down the morph suit route but then I realised they have zips right up to the back of the head, and I dont have the time or effort to edit one that heavily. So I'm going down this tshirt and leggings route instead. I'm gonna sew the leggings and top together to create a body suit, worst case if i cant do that, the belt should cover the joinment line of the top and leggings if that makes sense! Either way, this is going to be a lot easier than the morph suit route. I'll be getting a black shirt tomorrow from primark so that can be edited too to fit under the purple top at the front, but over it at the back. fun fun fun lol! I love how this cosplay is becoming cheaper and cheaper to make instead of the other way round haha

29th November 2011


I finally took a pic of the waistcoat fron and back view. The back is pretty much perfect so that won't need editing, but I will edit the neck tie so it does by a button instead of the tie so it's smoother on the back of my neck and it doesn't create a huge knot. The front, I'll cut off the 'flap' things and re-sew them onto the inside of the front of the waistcoat, covering them with the purple fabric rom the morph suit so it matches. (Once I get the morph suit and edit it!), then I can pretty much say the waistcoat is accurate to Re-L's! So it doesn't need much editing, just those couple of little things but it will make a difference I think!

29th November 2011

waistcoat arrived!

So I was bidding on a waistcoat the other day and I luckily just about won it! It turned up today and is a great base, so tomorrow probably or sometime this week I'll take photos of it and explain how I'll edit them. Until then I'm gonna log off whilst i have 4% battery life and get some sleep. (its like 1am!)

19th November 2011

Make Up break down- FOR NOMES...

...and everyone else who is curious haha!! This make up tutorial is pretty much the simplest one I've ever done. Probably because it's not THAT far off my normal make up routine in every day life. haha!! Anywho, this is the step by step of how I did it. 1) This is something I didn't do because I've run out but it I will be doing it when I have some more: PRIMER! I cannot stress this enough! Use a good Primer before applying make up! It smooths out your skin and makes your foundation and general make up apply so much nicer and easier!! 2) If you have blemishes (like I do grrrr) use a good 'cover stick' concealer or normal concealer that is a good match to your skin to start with. Re-L's make up and skin tone is pretty pale, so if you have darker skin I'd recommend using a paler make up pallet to make your skin paler but not ghost white. 3a) I then used a liquid foundation the same colour as the cover stick/concealer to give a smoother cover over the cover stick, as the cover stick doesn't apply that smoothly on it's own. 3b) If you can still see a couple of blemishes (like I could) go over those areas with a tad more cover stick/concealer ontop of your liquid foundation which will hide them even more and look more even. 4) Use a good PRESS POWDER FOUNDATION of the 'STAY MATTE' variety as it will make your skin a lot more flawless and matte and will keep any shine under control. 5) I know this sounds crazy, but I used a little bit of cover stick over my lips to make my lips paler to match Re-L's barely visible lips look. I used the cover stick like concealer on my lips. Also put some round the eyelids to smooth out the skin on the lids. Trust me.. it helps! 6) Apply a good lengthening mascara on your upper eyelashes to lengthen and thicken your lashes so they show against the shadow, and give a more 'anime' drawn look. 7) Use a medium to dark shade of metallic blue eye shadow (see photo for colour ref) and apply all over the eyelid to JUST above the eye socket bone so the shadow shows when your eyes open, all the way out just past the corners of your lids. (See photo of make up test if you're unsure what I mean). 8) With a a shade LIGHTER blue eyeshadow apply ONTOP of the darker blue. It will be like a highlighter on your eyes and really make the blue eye shadow POP! especially on the outer corners. When applying the eye shadow on the outer corners, apply it so it comes out to a > shape. Be neat in the bulk of the colour and in the > shape, but leave the very edge of the colour dark. (AGAIN, SEE PHOTO OF MAKE UP TEST FOR REFERENCE) This will create a shadowy,blended look which Re-L has on her eyeshadow. Then with a tip of an applicator use the DARK blue eyeshadow to outline your lower eyelid all the way round from outer to inner corners of eyelids. 9) Apply a good liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid to frame the WHOLE eyelid, creating a fine >shape on the outer corner which will create 'long eyelash' feel. Do a couple of a small fine flicks with the eyeliner above and below the main flick you just made, which will be like drawing on fine eyelashes. It makes the anime look more distinct, whilst still being slightly more 'gothic' too. 10) Use white and a skin tone eyeshadow mixed to apply on the upper part of your eyes (just below your eyebrow) to act as a highlighter and gently blend it down to the very edge of the blue eyeshadow. It will help make the blue look less harsh. 11) With the white and skin tone eye shadows lightly apply them to your lips to create a smoother finish on your lips over the cover stick. Try to NOT use a metallic eyeshadow as you want your lips to look matte and almost invisible. 12) With a PENCIL black eyeliner lightly and carefully apply the pencil eyeliner on the waterline of your LOWER lid, it will help bring out the liquid eyeliner on the lower lid which should have been FINELY applied. 13) If you need to go over your mascara due to little particles of eyeshaow do so, but other than that YOU'RE DONE! And that's how I did Re-L's make up! I would mention about the eyebrows, but to be honest I did such a bad job with them, I'm not going to bother lol. If you're good at colouring eyebrows with eyebrow pencils then do it. ^_^

17th November 2011

Zentai Suit

To the left of your screen is a screencap of the zentai suit Im thinking of getting for Re-L as I think it's a good colour, which I will edit aka: 1) Cut the head off 2) Cut the sleeves off 3) Cut the top off so it sits just over the bust and under the arms 4) Possibly put in some fine elastic to make it stay in place over the shirt and under the waistcoat

17th November 2011


So now ideas are running round my head on how I can get this together in a relatively short time when I have my birthday, christmas, my commission to Tab and Kita all to save for too. So here we go: Zentai suit: for the purple trousers and boobtube style top she wears, I can cut and edit the top part of the zentai suit to make it like hers Black Shirt: I can get that from Primark easily enough, and with mom working in a charity shop, i have another option to get a cheap black smart shirt. Waistcoat: I'm thinking of going with a halter neck low front neckline black waistcoat for hers, as you dont see the back of her waistcoat because of her shirt lol Ebay will be my option for that as I'll find one pre owned for relatively cheap- unless one comes into my mom's charity shop of course haha( SEE PHOTO FOR TYPE OF WAISTCOAT) Coat: mom has one that is IDENTICAL to Re-L's already in her wardrobe which she said I can borrow for the event. YAY! I also know it fits me perfectly as well as her lol. So that's sorted for FREE Belts: I have belts at home I can use- or yet again Mom's charity shop Boots: I have black boots at home already I can use! Wig: I have one already (My kayako wig) that I can use. HOORAH for multi character purpose wigs!!! Tie: Ebay yet again or fancy dress shop, Unless I do find the fabric and I can make it as its a short tie and easy enough to make. ^_^

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