Freya - Final Fantasy IX





Hoooo---kay! So it's taken me a while to get this on the list but it's be planned for a while and it's here to stay!

(Originally I had planned to do Freya before even attempting Beatrix, but as it turned out my friends had planned a Garnet and Steiner I couldn't resist completing a set!) But now I've come back to Freya again, her design is lovely and for my skill set a lot more challenging. The coat I think will be fun to make, however the hat, mask and feet ...well we'll have to see! XD

Planning to do this for a shoot with the extremely talanted and equally awesome Birdie or...'birds-hate-flying' as Fratley. ;p Super excited! Will have to bring out Beatrix for this too, mass HP damage to one another, joy! Really hope I can pull this one off to a standard I'm happy with!


Manticore posted on 17 November, 2011 - 04:43
OOOHHH wow! This is gonna be fuuunnnn!

birds-hate-flying posted on 17 November, 2011 - 15:53
Well I have no idea who you are but this looks very interesting. :B Yaaaaay! I'm looking forward to the photoshoot (-s). For Freya in relation to Fratley let me know if you have preferences/ideas re: the mask-think-tank. If we're still planning on making the masks aesthetically similar I'd love to make progress in that area. Having the mask complete is like knowing what the face looks like; thinking it'd be easier to plan the character of the clothes around the mask. True we're all working from references but, y'know, the general 'look'. Not saying that to rush you, just let me know ifandwhen you want to talk on that part. Waugh. So exciting.