Costume :Briareos Hecatonchires
Source :Appleseed: Ex Machina
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Full Body ref

Head and body ref


Costume Information

Time Taken : none so far

When I saw this manga I loved the character and had to show him some justice in the cosplay world.

To go with revolverkittys Deunan


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Yes! look forward to seeing it!

by Numta on Thursday, 17 November, 2011 - 16:56
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It will be done right after the hidden cosplay for kita :D just hope it turns out well

by lycaneyes on Saturday, 19 November, 2011 - 01:44
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*Insert M.Bison YES! here*

Looking forward to seeing this dude. Appleseed is <3

by Petchy-mon on Saturday, 19 November, 2011 - 03:28
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just figuring the helmet out atm...quite tricky........thanks bud

by lycaneyes on Tuesday, 22 November, 2011 - 01:38