Miko Nakadai - Transformers Prime




Originally, I jokingly thought it would be a funny idea to cosplay as Miko just to see if it could be done as her hair is a nightmare. The more I thought about it though, the more it made me decided to do it...2 weeks before the convention ¬_¬"

I then challenged my sister to do Bulkhead to which she accepted and we both knew we only had 2 weeks to make it. I managed to sort the wig out first, and then spent hours milling through shops in hope of finding the right clothes.

I decided to change her belt to a sash as I was having so many problems with finding a yellow belt, and it looked more natural for the overall costume. I even made a phone for my cosplay! It had images she actually took in the show as the two screens as well as autobot logos! (The original base was a Lightning McQueen Disney Store phone XD)


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