North Italy (Blue Uniform Anime Version) - Hetalia Axis Powers


SunnyCon 2012


I bought most of the stuff over an extended period of time, and the expensive things (the trousers and shoes) were scraped from Christmas gifts I begged for early. Never again will I spend this much on a costume! ...I hope :')
The belt and pockets are pretty much my only hurdle, but seeing as I can get by with my mum's belt and no breast pockets for now, I'll say that my costume is complete except for a few minor details that need polishing up!

I chose it because I love Italy, he's super cute, and the outfit I thought was fun, obvious and asy to make. And it seems that it's up there with England, America and a few others as the Hetalia cosplays that you can have the most fun as.
And it's true, I went to a Christmas lunch dressed as him, and I just got assaulted by wonderful hugs and everything XD Oh, and eating-a Italian food has-a never been so much fun! PASTAAAAAAA! <3

There wasn't really a hardest part... that, or there were lots of hard parts. Firstly, even finding the right jacket was a nightmare. In the end, all it took was a trip to the Salvation Army shop in jarrow and the will to settle for having to modify a more Austria-esque jacket. That done, it was a case of trying to match the trousers' colour and get the darn shoes without breaking the bank. That turned out well, I just broke my mum's. *facepalm* I'm so sorry mother! =w=;;

The easiest part was the tie and the shirt though, a simple trip to Primark got the job done, and cheaply. Win! ^^

What I learnt from this mainly, is that cosplay is fun. But I already knew that, so really I learnt nothing except that the best way to get stuff is looking around ALL the shops, though in the end, you may have to go over your budget for that perfect piece, and starve for a week to save a tenner. ^^

When I wore it, it was so awesome, I felt so proud of all my hard work, and I never wanted to take it off! >U<

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