Lucy (Opening scene) - Elfen Lied

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Will be the first Costume I'll be 100% making myself, hope it goes ok, especially the helmet ^^;
Obviously I won't be walking around butt-naked XD
I haven't decided if I'll go down the 'wrap myself in bandages' route or whether I'll have a go at making the straitjacket...
Hopefully will have vectors too


birds-hate-flying posted on 15 November, 2011 - 19:37
when I saw this costume on the recent uploads page I was all, waaaaait, they're not really going to walk around butt-naked, are they? It makes me happy that you're taking a shot at Lucy in her Badass Rampant mode. I'm also very interested to see how the headgear turns out! Good luck with this, try not to kill anyone.

The-Last-Pages posted on 15 November, 2011 - 19:49
'Badass rampant mode' haha I like it XD I'm going to take a shot at making a paper 'practice' version soon-as, hopefully It'll be ready for May MCM London :D Thanks, I'll try not to ^^

Progress Journal

28th November 2011


going to try and make vectors out of tape XD
The helmet is in very early stages of progress

16th November 2011

Helmet template

going to have me a go at making a paper 'template' version of the helmet today...going to aim for the full-head one rather than just half like in the promo picture ^^

15th November 2011


May have managed to rope my partner in crime into cosplaying Nana :D