Genjo Sanzo
Gensomaden Saiyuki

Cosplayer: blackorcid

Variant: Priest Robes

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd August 2013: Update So with the arm warmers done, the coats of paint done on crown and breast plate and the sutra done all I really needed to do was get the head cloth done and find a small gun I could spray silver and then sanzo would be ready.

21st August 2013: Arm warmers I 've finished making Sanzo's arwarmers today. I usd rings I had brought ages ago to fit to the end so that it would go around my finer nicely. I made them out of a black stretchy fabric so that they would fit nicely without sliping down my arms.

20th August 2013: sutra So in between working on the coats for my crown and breast plate I started working on My sutra.
First I had to decide what to use to get the script. So I did little testers of each thing on strips of cloth.
It was between fabric paint, Sharpie or perminant thin markers.
Once I had finished my sameples I took a good long look at the results and weighed out my options.
I like the darkness of the fabric paint but the acuracy of the thin markers. The Sharpie was out entirely as the ink bleed into the fabric and looked terrible.
After deciding my medium I began the ultra long task of writing out the scripture.
I looked up some symbols then randomised them as much as I could and drew them on.
Once all that was done I sewed the sutra onto the green backing and hemmed it.

15th August 2013: robes and then some. The robes turned out to be pretty straight forward although it did take me quite a while. after doing all the hemming and everything I was pretty happy with the outcome.
after working on the robes I decided I need to make the props he has, such as the crown and breast plate.
I wanted them to be relativly lightweight but at the same time pretty acurate.
I settled on using fun foam. and it turned out pretty well. I started by making the crown and layered the foam to get the 3D effect. After that I added a few layers of base coat white paint.

30th July 2013: the Idea. This idea was formed at pretty much the Same time as my Meer cosplay. I was looking through the HUGE pile of un used fabric I have and this was one of the idea's I had. I had pretty much most of the stuff I needed so I got started pretty quickly. I needed to do a bit of research on this one though because its the first time i've really tried to make this style of robes. It was something I wanted to do properly.