Kaoru Mitsuki (1st TV Series Ending 1) - GARO





A confession that I have to make: Yes, I know a lot of people (including some Toku who are more used to Kamen Rider, Super Sentai and Ultraman to a lesser extent) fans have ever heard of GARO, but this is one of my most favourite TOKU shows I've enjoyed the most. It's got handsome Badass Knights slashing some monsters, a love story hidden beneath the 'Horror-Action' story and er...exposed tits. Yeah. I've forgot to mention that GARO is a lot darker and edgier than the 'normal' Toku shows and is for anyone who is at least 18 years old. XD

Anyway, since the 2nd TV series has been out for a while now [apart from the White Night Special and the Red Requiem movie], I want to celebrate this surprising occasion by cosplaying ironically the artist chick Kaoru (well, the 1st TV series Ending 1 version at least), since I'm an artist by heart despite earning a Fine Art Degree XD...

Might show up in either Thought Bubble 2012 or Manchester MCM Expo 2012 or something...


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