Cosplayer: SakuraKatieChan

Variant: kimono

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Fuyucon 2007

Fishyfins avatar

Fishyfins - 12th November 2011
Bloody hell, thats an old photo, i see me XD nice costume :3

SakuraKatieChan avatar

SakuraKatieChan - 12th November 2011
lol Yeah it's a very old photo, taken on one of my first digi cameras, and it was also a time before facebook XD
Carn't believe how much time has passed and we are still cosplaying/meeting up. ^_^

And Thankies. ^_^

White Tigress avatar

White Tigress - 24th November 2011
Oh my goodness! This was from before my time as a cosplayer!

Such a lovely kimono and its so nice looking at some of your earlier work :)

SakuraKatieChan avatar

SakuraKatieChan - 25th November 2011
At Aerblade: Yeah it brings back so many memories for me, and it was only a few months after that, that we got to meet for the first time. :D (Tokyopop recon thingy that was held at Namsoc in the other hall lol)

and thanks, i might get it out one day just to get some more photos in it. As this is the only one i have :(
And yeah this was one of the first ever cosplays i made(along with the red dress and kakashi with my mums help) and it was so annoying to make but I learnt alot by working on it :)