Nurse (Film Version) - Silent Hill





My 2009 Halloween Costume

I bought the shirt-dress from ebay, shortened it, scuffed up the edges with sandpaper and then gave it several coffee baths. I also stained my tights with coffee, I scrunched them up first so that I would have defined streaks in them.

The coffee baths worked great but I had to rinse the pieces several times and also used febreze to get rid of the smell! The shoes were also treated this way, I sanded them first so that the coffee had a rough surface to soak in to.

The gloves were ordinary disposable latex gloves stained with food colouring & acrylic paints.

The mask/hat was the most difficult to make (and the most uncomfortable to wear!) My main worry about the mask was that I had to keep in mind the ability to be able to remove it if I got I.D'ed (I'm quite petite so this happens often!) So couldn't just bandage my whole head up!

I found a pattern for an old style nurses hat online, stained the material with coffee again & sewed up the hat with card inside the uprights to add stiffness. I found a 'bandaged head' hat at Tesco which was perfect for the back of my head as it also had some fake blood on it, so I just gave it yet another coffee bath & then sewed the hat to it.

Next came the mask itself, I used a plastic mask from Hobbycraft as a mould, I covered it in layers of paper-mache & bandages & painted it with a mixture of coffee (again!) and acrylic paint. I cut a tiny hole for one eye, a tiny hole big enough to fit a straw in for the mouth (hidden by bandages) and a larger hole for the other eye disguised by mesh gauze.

Both the back & front part of the mask had velco around the edges enabling me to encapsulate my head within the whole thing. It was hot and stuffy but I had a hell of alot of fun wearing this into town!

I finished the look off with grey face paint to my neck, chest & arms & drew veins with red & blue eyeliner pencils. I also adopted the nurse's infamous scary stance & walk. I must say that it wasn't particularly easy to communicate in the mask so I was mostly in my own little world amusing myself by freaking out as many party-goers as possible!


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