Ezio Auditore (Wetland Ebony) - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood



Making this as a Christmas present for my brother, who is almost as big an AC geek as me.... :)

To go with the mask and crossbow he bought in Venice ^.^

Also I know it is horrifically inaccurate to the actual reference...asked my brother what colours he wanted specifically so I'm working with that.

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Rear skirt panels.
Front skirt panels

Total cost: £0.00

16th December 2011

Last minute progress!

Eurgh - it looks pretty bad at the moment but it's definitely getting there! I've decided to go against the accuracy approach and instead I'm merging the surcoat and doublet together because it's a tiny bit easier/faster and I've run out of time! Christmas is coming! But yeah...the skirt flaps are all attached I just need to sew on the silver brocade bits. The bottom ends to the "doublet" are also attached now and I'm going to cover the seams with the red sash which will be attached to the costume at the back. I'm so proud of the collar! No patterns or anything I just cut it experimentally and it worked beautifully! So now I've just to make the hood to go over that and it's pretty much done :) I'm going to add small details over the next year as continuing little gifts for my brother so hopefully next Christmas it will be completely complete lol

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