Viera (White Mage) - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance




Well, now that my Homestuck upload spree is over I should really get round to uploading this!

Ever since I was loaned a copy of FFTA I've been hooked, completely, the hours I've cranked up on that game now are silly.

The bonus being that not only is it a terribly addictive game (honestly, go play it if you havn't) the costume designs are really cute! And by that virtue before I knew it I ended up with a small group on my hands to boot :D

Anyway, the Vieras have the nicest white mage design, which has always been one of my favourite classes, so after trying to decide between a good 9 different classes/designs I went for this one :]

I might be a little on the short side for a Viera (maybe one of the few times 5'7" can be considered 'short'...) but I'll make do XD


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