Emma Sheen (Normal outfit) - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam


Amecon 2012




I just adore the colour of this outfit of Emma's. Not to mention that Emma's just awesome generally! Also, no sleeves = yay. I hate doing sleeves XD It took quite a few episodes for Zeta Gundam to grow on me, I thought Kamille was a complete douchebag initially. But you get to see his character develop in response to others around him - and Emma has a huge part to play in that. By the time Fa appears she seems really immature in comparison to Kamille, even though Kamille whinged and did impetuous things in a similar fashion back when he first joined AEUG. So yeah, I really like Emma's character because she's very level-headed and won't take any nonsense, yet she's also very caring and looks out for Kamille (in addition to slapping him when he's being an idiot XD) I'm a bit shorter than she is but I'm hoping some heels and good posture will help with that a bit.

Actually, there's quite a few awesome female characters in Zeta that I'd love to cosplay - there's Four, and Reccoca too. One day!


Defrain posted on 11 November, 2011 - 12:36
Nice choice

White Leviathan posted on 2 July, 2012 - 21:36
Good to see some more love for Zeta!

Anonymous posted on 19 August, 2012 - 18:27
Lookin' good Maz. :D

Amy-Lou posted on 5 March, 2013 - 17:54
Nicely done. Giggling at how well this style fits in with the 'retro' Novotel reception XD

Progress Journal

6th August 2012

All finished

Emma's all done! There were a few fiddly things at the end like the gloves, I bought some cotton show gloves from Tam Shepherd's and they just would not take any dye or watered down acrylic paint, so in the end I had to just slather the paint on neat and hope for the best! There's a few darker stains on them as the blue acrylic didn't mix as well but they'll be fine for photos. I had to mod the boots I bought as well, they were the type with lots of folds at the ankle joint so I had to cut the inside lining to stretch them out, and then glue the lining so I could get my foot inside the boot and not into the lining!

Overall I'm really pleased with the results and this will be a fun and comfy costume to wear.

31st July 2012

Alllll the piping

So two days ago I cut and patterned Emma's tunic top from the pattern copy I took of Kyoko. It required about four metres of piping around most of the edges. The way I decided to do it was to line the tunic with the slightly lighter shade of fabric, and then pipe the whole thing while it was inside out, and then turn it the right way out to expose all the piping as it should be. I was kinda surprised when it worked, haha, I was expecting it to fail horribly XD

So now that's all done and the only things I need to do are her shoulder trim bits, the collar and a mock pocket on the left breast. Then to Primark for white leggings, and doneee! I'll post a picture of the tunic top once it's all sorted.

20th July 2012


So most of the Ocean Blue washed out in the washing machine and the fabric is fractionally darker. It actually looks pretty okay. The lady in Remnant Kings warned me that there's only a limited number of times you can dye something using Dylon dye, and as I had three different colours mixed in the original dye lot it's not that surprising that the second round of Ocean Blue hasn't taken. Never mind, I will be happy with my lot and start patterning on Monday!

19th July 2012


I have a 97% cotton & 3% elastane mix fabric for Emma's tunic top. I used 25g Bahama Blue, 25g Dark Green, 25g Jeans Blue Dylon hand dye. It's in the washing machine just now having a warm rinse. I did some test photographs and while it looks okay on visual inspection, it does flash-photograph a much lighter and greener colour than the suedette boots that I ordered. I may have to do a run in the washing machine in jeans blue to darken it down, but I'll see what it looks like when it's dried. I think I put too much green in to begin with, I should've done primarily a mix of Bahama and Jeans blue with maybe 12g of Dark Green. Still, it should be fixable!

I learned some lessons from doing Lockon and Feldt's jackets - now I'm dying the entire fabric rather than patterning and cutting first, to minimise the impact of fraying.

I took a copy of the pattern I created for Kyoko's jacket, as the wrapover style is very close to what I need for Emma. I just need to increase the height of the front panels so I can add a mandarin-style collar. I'm hoping it won't take me too long to do this as it's just her top to make.

19th July 2012

Uggggh (aka Dyeing 2)

So I dyed my fabric, and the shade matches the reference art, but it doesn't match the boots. I bought two pairs of boots - a suedette size 5 pair and a leather size 6 pair in case the 5s didn't fit. The 5s turned out to be a great fit and suedette is much more appropriate for the costume, but for some reason they photograph really dark, probably due to the suedette absorbing all the light. On visual inspection the fabric is obviously a few shades lighter than the boots but the colours complement. Photographically, they look as in the picture for this entry. I dyed some swatches in Jeans Blue like I said I was going to, and even with just dipping them for a few moments, the colour became much much darker and went the other way, being darker than the boots. The colour also didn't complement the boots like the lighter shade did, the swatch was almost a khaki colour. You can see the darker swatch in the photo - as you can see, it photographs to be a better match, but I'm not sure how well that would hold up under studio lighting or in daylight (it's pretty dark and dingy in Glasgow at the moment.

I put a white pair of trousers between the boots and the fabric to see if the white would fool the brain into matching the colours better. It works for the darker shade but emphasises the difference in colours for the lighter shade, on visual inspection. Photographically, the matchings aren't too disparate.

So thus is the dilemma I have - do I go for the lighter shade, which matches the reference art,photographs acceptably but mismatches the boots in real life? Or do I go for the darker shade, which matches the boots, photographs acceptably but doesn't fit with the reference art?

In the end I got annoyed with the whole thing, because I'd paid for and mixed up the dye and didn't want to throw it away unused as it would have been a waste. So in a fit of grump I cut my fabric in half and have dyed that the darker colour. It's in the washing machine now.

Now I'm sitting here writing this and feeling like what I've done is a bit stupid. If I'd kept it the way it was it probably would've been fine, and now I don't have the spare fabric for mistakes in patterning etc, so if I screw up I'll have to buy more fabric and do the dyeing process all over again! I would have to have chosen between the two colours anyway because I'm not making the whole tunic top twice. The more fool me.

I guess I'll just see what the other one looks like when it's done and if I don't like it I can just use it for patterning purposes and for the piping. Still kinda annoying, though ><; I only dyed it because I knew the dye would go off in a few hours and then it really would've been a waste.

The thing I've learned from this experience is that sometimes you have to waste dye in experimenting, just like fabric. I should've let go and just poured the dye down the sink and been happy with the mix that I had. Then again, if I'd been happy with the original mix I wouldn't have tried redyeing it. I suppose the process of attempting it made me happier with the original shade, knowing I couldn't get it more satisfactory.