Gendo Ikari (Regular and Pimp Parody version) - Neon Genesis Evangelion


AmeCon 2008




Two version - the regular version which everyone is aware of...and my own take of Gendo with the infamous Redeath - a famous Eva parody which involved the theme tune of Gendo...'IT'S GENDO' which made the running gag that Gendo was in fact a pimp. So, I took that, got a hat, found some feather, made it together and did the silk shirt and used it for the 'Name That Tune' panel I hosted at Amecon 2008. Oh baby...


Manjou posted on 10 October, 2008 - 21:08
Awesome cosplay ^_^ I still have some photos of this cosplay from Fuyucon knocking about somewhere :)

Captain_Marvelous posted on 9 January, 2009 - 10:46
dude i missed you at ame 08 :(