Costume :Seto Kaiba
Source :Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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....I am hankerin' to cosplay from YuGiOh, what can I say?
I don't even know, man. Kaiba was my very first favorite character from YuGiOh! when I was little (then eventually along with Joey, Bakura and Pegasus...yes, Pegasus.) Whenever my friend and I would "play YuGiOh" (lolkidsroleplaying) I was always Kaiba. So thinking about it now, this was bound to happen eventually xD

I chose Season 0 because I am currently in love with the series, but also because while I like Kaiba in any shape or form, this is the only one of his outfits I woudln't mind making and wearing. RED KINGLY CLOAK. GREEN HAIR. Yus. Also another villain cosplay for me! 8D

I'd *like* to get this done for mid-next year but we'll seeeeeee. Maybe Ame. I think this'll be once of those cosplays I start because I want to make something but don't feel like making anything to complicated.


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I've practically been drowning myself in doing YGO cosplays this year and next year! XD It's been years since I've seen season 0 but it was such a good series!! and I've never seen anyone cosplay as this version of Kaiba 0.0 I'm really looking forward to this one!! You are gonna look so so awesome!! <3

by Pandora-Chi on Wednesday, 9 November, 2011 - 13:42
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will be cool to see a season zero Kaiba...I haven't seen many. Nice choice

by SamanthaKaiba on Wednesday, 9 November, 2011 - 16:48