Asuka (sundress) - Neon Genesis Evangelion





I wanted something easy to make for Japan Expo in Paris and I had always wanted to do this costume so it was perfect!

I made the dress in a few hours the night before I left for Paris so considering that I love how it turned out. Especially considering it was made out of an old duvet colour. I was lucky it was lying around since I did go on a hunt for fabric earlier in the week and couldn't find anything a decent colour.

The wig I had already from Kim Possible and it's my favourite wig so any excuse to wear it is good! :P The accessories didn't take me long; the choker was a bit of bias tape I had lying around and the watch I bought from Primark and wrapped electrical tape around it >_> Well, it was cheap! And it worked...

I love this costume because it's so comfy and I think it was a good choice considering how hot it was in Paris but there are a few things I need to do up. Plus when I wore it I managed to forget my watch and choker...


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