Laharl - Disgaea

In Progress




Planned for May 2012.

Hopefully something not madly complicated to start off as a first cosplay project!

There's a game series, manga and an anime series to use as reference.

The cloak is interesting. Planning to make it 'wired' so it'll have some shape. It's never seen 'limp' on Laharl. There are a few options as to shape as the cloak 'morphs' depending on need. I could go with the single strip shape (as in the reference pics I've got up so far), or the split 'wing' design that features in the anime.


Plasticsharkattack posted on 8 November, 2011 - 11:24
YAY :) you've put it up now! There is no turning back :p mwahaha. This will definitely suit you though :D <3

GlueyCarpet posted on 8 November, 2011 - 18:19
Aww thanks :oD To be honest there was no turning back once I'd seen episode 12 - Laharl is awesome! But... perfect. I can see how it's going to work. Progress will be fine initially, then all of the bits I currently expect be straightforward will turn out not to be, and all spare time will evaporate. The antennae are going to be a bitch. I can see it coming!

KiraraYumi posted on 25 November, 2011 - 19:51
Progress looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see this completed! =3

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Progress Journal

25th November 2011


I've now got three options for acrylic paint for the gold details. I've got:

* a cheap and nasty gold paint I've had by me for ages (middle of the image: fairly yellowy, doesn't cover terribly well)
* Liquitex iridescent antique gold (top end of the image: the slightest hint of green, overall a very close match to the brass buckle of the belt I've bought, convincing as gold, covers fairly well, will need watering down to avoid brush strokes)
* Revell metallic brass (bottom end of the image: covers *wonderfully*, a real delight to paint, dreadful colouring - the label colour is not remotely the same as the paint, a nasty coppery colour - a lot of red in it).

So the decision is made after extensive sampling: the Liquitex stuff it is! :)

22nd November 2011

Further progress

Okay, a few bits to this update. Created the neater version of (most of) the 'pattern' for the shorts and have cut the fabric to shape. Awaiting a shedload of pins and some red thread being delivered so that I can put it together and see how badly cut my fabric is :oD

In other news also bought the gold paint for the cuffs etc. The wrist cuffs so far as the polymer modelling is concerned are pretty much done (photo attached). I was feeling keen today so I've made the aluminium form and just baked the basic collar structure too. It's cooling as I type this.

All moving along nicely atm! :oD

17th November 2011


Okay, so... progress!

The cotton twill has now been pre-washed and tumble dried on high. Pre-shrunk!

And the liquid Sculpey arrived today, so I've spent the evening doing the detail on the wrist cuffs. Each one has been baked three times for the different layers of detail. It was fiddly work. The layers needed to be pretty thin and it stretches really easily when it's that thin. I flattened it out and then transferred it to greaseproof paper before cutting the designs into it with a stanley knife. I then 'painted on' the liquid Sculpey with a cotton bud before applying it onto the cuff like a transfer and peeling off the paper.

The last one is just cooling post-baking now before a quick final sanding.

Result! :oD

15th November 2011

A little progress

Did some more work on the cuffs. Seems the Sculpey Ultralight might work out quite well after all. I've ordered some Liquid Sculpey now too, to stick stuff together. Getting unbaked Scupley to stick to that that's already been baked is harder than I thought it might be - and apparently this is how you do it!

In other news, both the belt and 3 metres of heavyweight white cotton twill have arrived. I've created a rough pattern for the shorts based on some pre-existing jeans. I shall shortly be getting some tailors chalk so that I can mark out the fabric (which I intend to prewash and tumble dry so the shorts won't shrink post manufacture).

10th November 2011

Another try at some work on the cuff

So, having given it some thought last night I thought I had a plan for the cuff (still in Sculpey Ultralight).

Deciding I needed a structure to support the stuff pre-baking (and worried about how strong the stuff might be when baked) I decided that I needed (a) a wire framework around which the Sculpey would be built and (b) a metal framework around which the structure could sit while shaped and baking. The plan last night was to use a tin can split along it's length and slightly reduced in circumference.

This morning I remembered that I had some thin sheet aluminium left over from a past project. I also remembered that you could repeat-bake Sculpey to build up details etc.

The new plan: create an aluminium tube in the correct size around which a simple Scupley tube could be built and not bother with the wire internal framework.

After some initial trials where the Sculpey evidently started 'rotting' the rubber roller I was using (and black bits flaking off) I wrapped the Sculpey around the aluminum structure and got it as smooth as I could manually. Baked.

It's surprisingly strong stuff when baked - and the sizing is all good. I now have a rough simple tube I can build upon. That said the texture is somewhat 'lumpy' at the moment. I've shaved off a few minor bits with s stanley knife and it does seem to be pleasantly 'carveable' and seems like it should respond well to sandpaper. So that'll be the next stage, to try and get the tube smoother before I build on the next layers of details.

This is going to be time consuming but might yet just work!

9th November 2011

Fabric and cuff design

Ordered some white fabric today (heavyweight white cotton twill). It wasn't a lot dearer than cheap 'entry level' white cotton, so I figured if I do my trial run in this fabric and it turns out good I can roll with it without needing to remake it. This fabric is for the shorts. The cloak will also be cotton (at least, I think so at the moment) - but much more lightweight.

Everything will be made in white and then dyed afterwards in one hit to make sure they all match.

I've also just worked out the measurements I needed for the wrist cuffs. I've drawn them up in a CAD package and printed it actual size so I can (hopefully) pin-prick through the sheet of paper onto the rolled out Sculpey and hopefully get what I need cut out to the right size.

UPDATE: Just tried using the Sculpey. It's *really* soft - almost like dough. I'd hoped it would be more claylike. Unfortunately it's not going to work the way I wanted. It droops when it's thin and stretches if you try to peel it back off when it's been rolled flat. May need to think of a plan B. Either another material or building it around a support until it's baked. :o/

7th November 2011

Started - shopping at least...

The belt may well end up supporting part of a structure that will hold Laharl's cloak into a dynamic shape, so it's fairly key early on. The width of it also sets up the dimensions for the short shorts :oS

I experimented with some jean cut-off shorts I rolled up and the belt needs to be something between 1 1/2 and 2 inches wide. I'd have been happy to make the belt (I've done some leather work in the past) but it seems that *decent* double-pronged brass buckles in these sizes are near unobtainable, so I've wimped out and bought a belt that's already made - at 1 1/2 inch width - the shorts will be short! :o/

I've also ordered some Sculpey Ultralight which is the (at least initial) plan for the material for the wrist wear. Whatever ends up as the collar - might be the same stuff - will need to hinge open and I'm thinking at the moment that neodium magnets may end up as the mechanism to keep it shut.

I'm looking into dyes and coloured fabrics. I don't want my fabrics mismatched and I want a deep enough red - no Santa scarlet! I need to scour the shops in person I think and figure out if everything is going to end up being cotton.

I've also done a bit of early research into eyebrow changing - ie. blanking out the originals with eyebrow plastic and redrawing the ones desired. Not likely to be the most pleasurable part of this cosplay but good eyebrows have definitely been key in some of the better Laharl cosplays I've seen.