Glinda the Good (Bubble dress) - Wicked the Musical




YES, the bubble dress! I adore Wicked, and Glinda. This is my chance to make a cosplay that will be really impressive, and I want to make it as close to the original as possible.

Not wearing it for Amecon '12, but for May London MCM Expo instead!


Elle posted on 1 December, 2011 - 07:56
please come on. You can make a beautiful Glinda the Good.

Carmina posted on 15 January, 2012 - 17:57
I look forward to seeing this done!

Ranma1-2 posted on 10 February, 2012 - 09:39
Sooooo Gorgeous! Very nice progress. :) Is it taking forever to sew the sequins on?

MayugeBeam posted on 10 February, 2012 - 15:32
It is XD But it's worth it! I thought it'd be harder to make, but it's really just more time-consuming than anything else. :)

Ranma1-2 posted on 10 February, 2012 - 23:48
I only managed to sew so many sequins before I ran out of time. They werent very neat either..the thread was noticable even though it was the right colour. Next time I sew sequins I will use invisible thread... But twice now I ended up glueing them on. I know its cheaty cheating ^^ but I had to do it for times sake. Anyway I really look forward to seeing you in will be spectacular. And if you go in the masquerade the stage lights bouncing off will truly make you sparkle. :)

MayugeBeam posted on 11 February, 2012 - 23:09
Thanks! I'm actually entering the masquerade with my sister who's doing Elphaba's Act 2 dress! We're both trying our hardest to make them as close to the stage versions as possible. :) A lot of people have said I'm crazy for making this all by hand, but I think it'll definitely be worth it in the end~

Ranma1-2 posted on 12 February, 2012 - 01:23
Yes definitely it is worth it. Making a costume with love always is. ^_^ Hopefully I shall see you in the masquerade queue..there's always plenty of time waiting back stage to look out for costumes.

Sapphistar posted on 6 March, 2012 - 22:18
this look lovely, defo showing all the effort put into it :)

ToroSonyCat posted on 10 April, 2012 - 21:06
That dress is beautiful! :D I love all of the details *_*

MayugeBeam posted on 10 April, 2012 - 21:29
Thank you! :D I've still got so much to do until it's finished x'D I must be crazy for making this dress. And I'm helping my sister with her Elphaba dress too. :'D

InfiniteJester posted on 27 May, 2012 - 22:19
You both looked stunning at expo!

WhiteWraith posted on 27 May, 2012 - 23:41
You looked amazing at Expo!

iggie posted on 28 May, 2012 - 06:28
Ah you are such a beautiful Glinda <3 Again i'm so sad I wasn't at Expo to see both of you in these costumes (so so so much detail <3)

MayugeBeam posted on 28 May, 2012 - 21:29
Thank you so so much for your comments! I definitely feel like all the hard work was worth it in the end. Never been so proud of myself before, cosplay-making-wise! Iggie, like Steph said, we'll be wearing them again at some point, plus we're making Elphaba's and Glinda's Shiz outfits, AND their Defying Gravity outfits. So you'll get to see them ;)

nanahara posted on 4 October, 2012 - 08:34
this is such an AMAZING cosplay. Both you and your sister look brilliant in such well made garments

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