John Egbert (God Tier) - Homestuck




John is a ridiculous little bubble of a character. I love him so much, but he's... not LIKE the other kids, is he? MSPA fans will know what I mean. I love his little spazzouts and his general sweet nature, and I thought he'd be massive fun to cosplay. Homestuck clothes are often pretty normal, but I thought the theme colours would be really fin for a costume, so I chose God Tier John.

And he would have been fun, if it wasn't for two things. My dissertation. And the Warhammer of Zillyhoo.

So my time to complete the costume was massively curtailed, and I was lacking in money to boot. Massive props here to my Vriska, who paid for or otherwise acquired pretty much everything for Zillyhoo. The important thing is, we did it. And we made it to London.

The t-shirt isn't from the site. I didn't have time to order one (though I do support MSPA in other ways) and in any case, the colours are a little off in the What Pumpkin store, so I thought I'd make one that was a little more accurate. It started life as an XXL Fruit of the Loom shirt, purchased for a few pounds on eBay. I cut it down and shaped it, which included rehemming it, and reattaching the arms. My Vriska redrew the logo for me in Photoshop, and printed it on some old transfer paper I had hanging around.

The hood was originally a generic child's school uniform sweatshirt. I didn't have the funds to buy that length of material, so there are a bunch of extra seams in the longest part. I think it looks pretty cool though!

The shoes were cheap crappy ones from a warehouse, painted with old Dylon fabric paint, Humbrol enamel on the eyelets, and navy blue acrylic on the soles. I almost missed that his soles were blue altogether, and I didn't paint them until the last minute!

The wig and glasses are from eBay. I had to take quite a lot of fringe off the wig, but I think it worked out okay in the end. :3

The jeans are just my regular jeans.

Zillyhoo, meanwhile, was a giant nuisance. Vriska and I bought a bag of junk from a recyling shop in our hometown for about a fiver, and scrounged other parts at home and online. The most expensive parts were the polystyrene ball and star, which were nearly a tenner between them.
The front of the hammer is made from twelve pieces of packing foam, glued together with a gun, and covered in packing tape. I gave it a couple of coats of white poster point to even it out, marked the design out with masking tape, and went nuts on it.
It's joined to the red and green spring parts with No More Nails and Bostik All Purpose, as well as two very long screws. The red and green springs are sheets of foam, with newspaper and packing tape edging, painted with acrylic. They were sewn together and then glued around the edges for strength. They're joined to the Z-block with No More Nails and Bostik All Purpose as well.
The Z-block was built up around the stem, which I'll get to later. It contains a sheet which used to be the stiff backing of some florist's oasis, which I had to saw apart. Then there's a bunch of polystyrene, newspaper, and the back of a pizza box. It was finished with packing tape - about a million layers of it - and sprayed with gold enamel. The Z was painted on freehand with acrylic, to make it look a bit shitty. It's joined to the back part with a fuckton of string, through holes I pre-drilled, and reinforced with No More Nails and glue.
The back part nearly killed me. It's my second attempt - I had to keep it really light. It's old chickenwire, with a pair of tights for friction. I covered it with - yes - a fuckton of packing tape. Then I used nearly a whole bottle of PVA to glue ribbon all over it, and just hoped for the best. I varnished it with a 1:3 PVA:water mix to make the colours match all over. The little tube for the star is made in the same way, and sewn and then glued to the main part. The star is painted with acrylic and attached with No More Nails.
It's all joined to the face with string and glue. The face was originally two halves, so we pre-drilled holes for the string, which runs right through to the base of the back part. It's painted with several coats of acrylic (the polystyrene kind of drinks it) and the face was drawn on with a red Sharpie. The pink cheeks are acrylic, and the blue eyebrows are Funky Foam.
The handle was built into the Z-block from the start. It's made from two long cardboard tubes, which probably had paper on them originally. The end actually pops off, which is pretty useful, but friction keeps it on if I need it to stay. The wide end is bulked out with a round piece of adhesive foam, and strips of newspaper. The ribbons are glued and mock-varnished on, just like the back.
It took 1140 inches of ribbon to do it, but I'm glad I did. :)


Ranma1-2 posted on 8 November, 2011 - 11:37
Thanks for your lovely comments on my Sailor Puto. :) Wow your cosplay choices are not easy (cuz of the artwork styles) - but you manage to get the features down into real life. Well done. :)

Pippin4242 posted on 8 November, 2011 - 14:55
Oh! Haha, didn't expect a comment back. In my head you are some kind of ~big inaccessible celebrity~. John is actually pretty widely cosplayed, but it was still a lot of fun trying to interpret his design! I ended up with the biggest Zillyhoo I've ever seen! :D I like your choice of ladies to cosplay, by the way. It's always embarassing to me that I'm a girl and I like girls and all, but I'm usually drawn to dudes I find interesting. :P

Ranma1-2 posted on 8 November, 2011 - 20:37
Aww Pippin, Im not inaccessible or celebrity, I just go out on stage and enjoy the performance side of cosplay loads. The cheering audience also helps make it so enjoyable. If you ever see me just walk up and say hi. Im just another cosplayer like you. :) Yes your Zillyhoo turned out great, esp since you were on a tight budget. Most of all though it looks like you had a ton of fun with it.