Angelina Durless aka Madam Red - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)




This was my first cosplay.

I didn't make it, it was made by my friend after she convinced me that a passing want to cosplay this could be more than that. It took fair time and was a pain, mostly because it involved me travelling from Hertfordshire to Brighton ad back again repeatedly over the course of the three weeks leading up to expo.

It's gone through changes since then.
I never more the hat we made as it didn't quite fit in with what I was doing.
The shoes have changed to heeled brogues and the gloves have changed from lace to leather; I also went through make up changes during the course of the two years I've been wearing her.

I've enjoyed the experiences she's brought me! I've made plenty of new friends and had many new experiences; this cosplay has opened whole new gateways for me when it comes to cons.

My very last time wearing her will be May Expo 2012
I've worn her to;
- MCM Expo may 2010
- Alcon 2010
- MCM Expo october 2010
- Telford MCM Expo 2011
- May MCM Expo 2011


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