Gian Carlo (Prison) - Lucky Dog


Touch me
Fuck me
Try to Hack me
If its made, I give you great luck

Blames xBlackravenx for this!
She found the most amazing Lucky dog cosplayer at expo, which lead to us faning over Lucky dog and the fact that we both knew it, which ovbisuly lead to the 'we must cosplay from it!' moment X'D

I really like Gian and Guilio, there both awsome chars and Guilio with his ...... wired ways *Cough*wrongintheheadfetish*Cough* is not the type of char you come across too often XD But in the end I think I'd fit Gian more with his laid back funny char. Also I perfer his prison uniform way more ~ DEM STRIPS >D Also I get to chew bubble gum and chain smoke all day! -is not a smoker but still excited by this?-

"I have the Luck of a Devil, you'll be witness to that"

xblackravenx posted on 20 January, 2012 - 03:00
-Looks at reference- How comes you can get away with an elastic waistband ? I have to have proper belt loops and everything Dx

Neverforever posted on 23 January, 2012 - 12:26
Coz I'm lazy and its how I roll. 8P yours will look nicer thought, I always end up with baggy crotch syndrome when I do elastic waistbands D< On a side note ~ I only noticed it last night but have you noticed Gian and Shiro are both lazy ass? Gian cant be bothered to wake up or wash and Shiro cant be bothered to get dressed and eat XD I see a pattern emerging here....

xblackravenx posted on 24 January, 2012 - 00:55
Wonder i Gian avoids wearing pants aswel...

Neverforever posted on 26 January, 2012 - 11:19
With all the rapey guys about its probaly safer to be bothered to do that....

xblackravenx posted on 28 January, 2012 - 00:46
I dunno, we all know it's gonna happen, might aswel not wear anything xD

Neverforever posted on 30 January, 2012 - 11:07
D< Back to your brothel and 'red head beauty' with ya!

Tsupo posted on 7 February, 2012 - 00:59
Oh hnnng, you are totally cosplaying all my favourite characters of all time XDD I'm planning Gian this year too because I love him so much <33 /is trying to persuade Ben to cosplay Bernardo ^^;;

Neverforever posted on 20 February, 2012 - 16:34
Yay~ cant wait to see ^^ hehe I can totaly see Ben as Bernardo XD

Strip cotton 2mt
More striped fabric D<
Handcuffs (already got)
black cord
gold hoop
police tape
chalk bord + chalk (ish a maybe)

Total cost: £0.00

27th February 2012

nearly there

So yer quite a while since I updated this. Almost done, just got a few bits more like tidying up the trousers and putting poppers on the top. I cant honisty say if it wernt for my lovly aunty helping me with this it Would have been thrown out the window on quite afew occasions. I always look at something and think 'ah thats easy!'... All I can say is I'm a Fool! Need to pull the wig out again and look at it properly as I'm starting to think it could be too blonde and not 'golden' engouth (first time I've wanted a more yellow blonde based wig and gotten an actually light blonde wig)

2nd December 2011


Ok so the other weekend I actually cut out a sew together the trousers being really carefull to match up all the strips around the croutch area and allowing extra for the waist band an such... go to try them on to find out I used the wrong trouser pattern... RRRAAAWWW I managed to pick up my streach fabric pattern and didnt even think to check what was in my hand before going ahead and cutting v_v So its back to re-starting the trousers hopefully this weekend. I also remeber why I promised myself not to work with striped fabric again after Daggers shirt....Oh the pain and hassle!! But atleast its large wide strips I saposse so now were near as bad as before. Also wig is now here and shall be styled shortly when I get round to it.

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