Miku Hatsune (Miku-Chu!!) - MikuChu!


London MCM Expo May 2012

Nope. I got lotsa hugs for it.... Thats an award right?




Okies. It was lotsa fun doing this cosplay. Despite non vocaloid fans thinking Im a random Pikachu with 'blue hair' Some peeps can't tell that its teal -sigh-

It was an all in one pikachu suit (pajama's really) with a TEAL ribbon on the end. I only used one pony tail and split it in hald and tied ribbons around it to make it look like two, then I had red lip stick and pale skin to emphasize the look. White and light green eyeshadow,with white eyeliner around the edges to make one's eyes look bigger, then lined (Very finely) with grey pencil eyeliner. Then a glittery blush to look childish and mascara that makes your eyes look bigger but not really that visible otherwise it looks like you're trying too hard X3

UHM. Yeah I must say, because of the weather it wasn't the most practical cosplay, Miku's will agree with me the wigs just get tangled so. FRIGGING. EASILY. However, it was lots of fun, being able to run up to ashes, pokemons, vocaloids and others was awesome. I loved it more on the sunday than the saturday and I didn't love it as much as my Fem!America since that seemed like there was slightly more effort even though it was thrown together last minute. Bring on MCM October... God knows what cosplay I will actually do....


Fliss posted on 28 February, 2012 - 23:20