Mafuyu Oribe (Uniform) - Seikon no Qwaser


I ended up watching this series by accident and then couldn't stop. Then got Cheetos into it and we were like...must cosplay NOW! So she agreed to be my Sasha and I made Mafuyu 8D

...there were that many problems with this costume. Bah.

The shirt was a nightmare so between now and Fushicon (where we'll be taking serious shots rather than derp) I'll be getting a new one. The bodice of the dress part doesn't work right but oh well. It's made from poplin which was a god send to work with. Stretchy, comfortable and holds the pleats of the skirt really well. The skirt part is the part I'm most proud of, it was also done pretty much on guess work. Ironed in the pleats and pinned the skirt to my manikin then I overlocked the edge of the waistcoat part and turned it up, pinning it to the skirt by eye on the manikin. Then I top stitched the two parts together eh voila 8D

In some of the manga art there's a jacket she wears and since I have left over lilac fabric I thought I'd make that too.

Socks and shoes were bought off of ebay.

I had thought her hair was long in the back as well as the front but when I checked the referances nearer expo I discoverred it's short in the back >>;; I didn't have a wig that would suit so I wore my unstyle Ariel wig. Going to try and get a new wig between now and Fushicon but I'm not sure if I can ><

Still, fun costume, fun character 8D Even if the series is practically soft core porn XD

ProbablyHeather posted on 1 November, 2011 - 12:01
This was so fun to wear with you at October 8D Bring on Fushi~

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