King Kazma (first Avatar version) - Summer Wars




King Kazma from summer wars

Body:The red jacket was purchased off eBay (originally from Primark or peacocks...i forget)
The body itself is made of two types of fur, short cheaper fur on the back as that would be covered by the bodywarmer and longer more softer fur on the front where the chest is bare.

Head: The head is made out of foam...a basic base that fitted around my head. Foam was then gradually grafted on with a glue gun and UHU glue to give a basic shape of Kazma's head.
The ears were also out of foamwith cardboard at the base to give the ears rigidiity.
The fur was put onto the head in chunks, Eyebrows and such were formed by overlapping more then one layer of foam (1/2 inch) to give a mean look.

The eyes were made from cardboard and red chiffron material in front of the foam which i saw out of, quietly easily.

The goggles were purchased from Blue banana and painted silver :D


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