Milky Way - Milky Way and The Galaxy Girls




I wanted an easy, cheap and comfortable costume for Sunday, but none of my planned cosplays really fit the bill. Then thanks to fandom secrets, I found the website for the Galaxy Girls, and fell in love with the designs. Eventually chose to do Milky Way because I already had a blonde wig that was suitable, and didn't think it would be too hard to find the clothes.

I dug out the wig and brushed it down - had to cut the fringe but otherwise it was good to go. The earrings are yellow foam attached to a cheap pair of earrings from Primark. The top is from Primark, and I used leftover silver fabric paint from Yuki Onna and a handmade stencil to make the star.

The skirt is actually a vest top that I found online. Couldn't find a decent skirt, but the shirt looked perfect. To pull off the look I just slipped the straps out of sight and instant skirt.

As for the roller skates, I wasn't sure if the expo would let me in wearing wheels, so wore a pair of white boots instead.

Sadly, nobody (not even the thousand and one bronies) recognised me, which made me kinda sad.


Anonymous posted on 21 November, 2012 - 19:36
Aww you look so cute Dee! :D