Aerith Gainsborough (Wallmarket) - Final Fantasy VII





For Fuyucon 2009's Ball.

Since doing Aerith means I can use my own hair, I decided to use her Wallmarket dress as a formal dress for the Ball.

All I need is a red dress, some red shoes and red ribbon/material for the hair. I might improvise some of these things and add bits in she doesn't have but I have XD.


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Progress Journal

17th January 2009


Ok, I bought a dress that looks nothing like Aerith's :') but what I've decided to do (as I can't find anymore reference pictures of what it's supposed to look like) is improvise. I'm going to take the 'sleeves' off my dress and add some straps, that way it will look somewhat more like hers, except mine is shorter and has black tulle sticking out of the bottom and has a black band with red 'gems' around the waist. The sleeves always fall down when I try it on so I hope my adjustments go ok XD