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Progress Journal

27th February 2012

Never use the 'e' word

I thought this was going to be such an easy costume... Now I'm into the realms of dying fabric, making bias binding, and boot covers, all of which I'm sure are quite easy when you've done them a few times, but it's my first go at each. So far the fabric dying's gone really well, the bias is a bit wonky but serviceable, and I'm yet to try the boot covers. Maybe I'll turn out to be that lucky person who has them go right every time she tries! (ha ha)

Cosplay break for travelling is over - now it's time for super-hyper-cosplay-sewing-mode!

30th January 2012


Finally started sewing yesterday. Further to the photo, the top now has sleeves. Just need to hem it (and take up the bottom edge a lot - far too long at present) and it'll be done, though I might fold the collar down a bit and slip stitch it; as it stands, it comes up to, and over, my chin!

In more irritating news I realised I'd messed up cutting out one of the pieces for the jumpsuit. Fixing this means buying and dying more fabric. Not wildly impressed with myself on that one...

29th December 2011

More wig!

Wig's arrived, and it's absolutely gorgeous. So many colours in it, and all of them absolutely the right colours. Will be buying from Arda again.

So, now the rest of the costume...

11th December 2011


Well, Arda's 15% off wig sale has kicked me into a bit of cosplay shopping, and I've somehow acquired myself a Saria wig. She's now on for Minami!