Uchiha Sasuke

Cosplayer: Alex4Manga

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

27th May 2012: Wore this to Expo! I had a really great day at Expo yesterday!!!
I got a lot of cool stuff and met up with people.
Might wear this again!

19th February 2012: Been to Expo! Yesterday I went to Expo! I had tons of fun.
Really hope I can re-wear this now.

12th January 2012: COMPLETE! This cosplay is now COMPLETE!
Pictures to come!

3rd January 2012: Bought the wig Bought the wig today from an eBay seller.
Hopefully arriving in the UK soon!

31st December 2011: Cosplay has arrived! Yay! It arrived a few days ago but I'm posting an update now!
Only the wig left! This will definitely be ready for Expo! ^_______^

15th December 2011: Got the cosplay.. except for the wig. So, decided to take a chance with a Chinese eBay store. *crosses fingers*


The cosplay will take a while to arrive because it's custom-made and from China.

Now I only need the wig! :)

3rd December 2011: Damn it! Didn't win that eBay auction. Looking on Trustedeal now.
Looks like the only legit foreign website...
I've also posted and bumped my ad in the Market Place!

26th November 2011: Posted an ad! Very quick update to say that I have posted an ad in the market place for the wig & shoes!

24th November 2011: Work has begun! Work has begun on my cosplay now!
Unlike my Luke cosplay, I will probably buy this cosplay as one big set.
It seems that there are loads of cosplay seller sites, they all ship from China and look dodgy.
So, I'm going for the cosplayer's best friend... eBay!
I've found a cosplay which is perfect and then I'll only need the wig & shoes.
Happy cosplaying!

Kyuipo avatar

Kyuipo - 14th December 2011
one of my favorate characters. he's just too awsome. cant wait to see :3

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 12th February 2012
Little emo Sasuke! <3 Can't wait to see you there!

Nomiiku avatar

Nomiiku - 26th February 2012
I can remember seeing you there!!! :) You look great :)

Batgirl avatar

Batgirl - 4th April 2012
Its me >_< the naruto cosplayer :3

Blue Hoodoo avatar

Blue Hoodoo - 27th May 2012
Awesome Sasuke :D