Refia (White Mage) - Final Fantasy III (DS)




I really wanted to make a Final Fantasy Class costume so I picked one I liked that would be fairly quick and easy to make, I originally picked Red Mage because it fit the criteria. My orignal plan was to have a costume made for me. But because I couldn't find one I had to make it myself. I thought to myself that since I had to make it myself anyway I might as well pick something I liked better instead of the easy version. So I picked white mage, specifically the Final Fantasy III DS versions.
The costume took quite a while and I wasn't much into dress making so making a tailored dress was hard. I had lots of problems with getting it to fit right, making the hood correctly and having to line it. Eventually it was finished and I decided to add an orange wig to the ensemble thus making it truly Refia.
My Dad also made me a very nice staff as well.

Whilst wearing it at the con I only had two people actually comment on the outfit though and nobody asked for my photo. C'est la vie.


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