Ichigo Momomiya (Cafe Outfit) - Tokyo Mew Mew

In Progress




I plan to get this made for Fuyucon 2009, I found the most absolutely PERFECT pattern for the aprons, which I only have to alter to change the bottom of the apron to a heart shape.

For the blouse underneath, I also have another good pattern to use, just need to alter the sleeves a tiny bit.

Ichigo's skirt is very similar to a school pleated skirt, so hopefully this will be simple to do as the pleats can be stitched in so they don't come undone.

The shoes I need are similar to a Vans style trainer I've seen, which I don't need as much as the other things. I plan to replace the black laces with pink and stitch/glue a felt heart onto the tongue of the shoe.

For the wig, I'm going to buy a short red wig. Over this, I'm going to use a headband with craft foam on top to make their headdress thing.


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