Ichigio Momomiya (Mew Form) - Tokyo Mew Mew

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Tokyo Mew Mew is one of my favourite anime/mangas, so my friend, her sister and I have planned to make the battle costumes from Tokyo Mew Mew.

So far I have the pattern for the skirt, which is a similar style to the one she has as it has an upturned bottom. The top is essentially a corset with triangle like shapes sticking out.

Also, I bought the Sutoroberu beru from ebay, which was expensive because of the shipping x-x;; I'm hoping to get the pendant too :3

I have bought the boots from Primark for £12 XD BARGAIN! I couldn't find any other red boots other than some very nice ones from TopShop... trouble was, they were £85!!

For the wig, I plan to reuse my Yachiru one for Fuyucon as well :3


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Progress Journal

20th January 2009

Material - bought.

Well I finally got round to buying the material for my Ichigo costume. It's not anywhere as dark as the picture looks, its just crappy lighting and crappy phone camera. Hopefully, I should have enough for it all ><

Though I forgot loads of stuff XD like the hook and eye thingy for the skirt and the red elastic and ribbon. Ah well, I'll buy that tomorrow.

I'll probably get started either later tonight or tomorrow.