Morgana (1x10 The Moment of Truth) - Merlin (BBC)




This is definitely one of my favourites (and it's one of my favourite costumes for that character). I've worn it twice - first to London MCM Oct 2009 and then to London MCM Oct 2010. I think the only things I changed were the guantlets (are they gauntlets? Or vambraces? I forgot). Anyway, the first set were made of paper mache, silver foil and then tape over the top to keep it from ripping. But over the course of the day, the heat and the sweating took its toll and I ended up with a load of glue leaked out all over it, so tossed them away as soon as I was done with them. It was hard to move my wrists in them two. The second set were made out of fabric and so much better.

The nacklace is made out of bits of cardboard wrapped on silver foil. Does the job.

As for the (terrible) little plushies and then the badges, I had a few years of going through a phase were I wanted to carry little accessories around representing relationships with other characters. And in Merlin I laregly OT5 (Merlin, Arthur, Lancelot, Gwen and Morgana).


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