Terezi Pyrope

Cosplayer: ShadowofShinra

Variant: Normal outfit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

5th January 2012: Test drive So, I have a few test images up. Things I've figured out from this test:

1) I will need to either get a longer-sleeved black shirt to go underneath my Terezi one or attempt to blend paint with gloves, because the gloves and sleeve end don't meet (or at least, they don't stay met)

2) I am rusty with Snazaroo! Also, having sniffles is a pain when you have face paint on, the end.

Also the quality's not great because apparently my webcamera just isn't. Will try and get some proper shots at some point too. Also try to find a program that allows for a time delay between click and image being taken, because Photobucket doesn't.

Still, first completed costume so there's something to be said for that I guess.

31st December 2011: Done! And Terezi is done! Test shots to come once I have time to get everything together (make-up, wig, etc) but I have everything I need now. Shoes I'm a little iffy on the shade but there's still time to find better ones and if I don't I'll still have something.

10th November 2011: Finish line in sight So, I now have everything except for the wig (on its way), the horns (ditto, or at least they've been ordered) and shoes. I also need to finish the cane, hence the three attempts at dragon heads in the picture xD Hopefully at least one of the three will be decent enough once painted.

The only other thing is what to do about my arms - I'm iffy about make-up, making arm-socks scares me because hnng sewing and there are some gloves that might work but with my arms they might also turn out to be a liability. Arms or gloves would work for multiple trolls, though, so I'll have to think on it.

But yes. At this rate she'll be my first one done!

1st November 2011: Cane and glasses More progress on the Terezi front! I taped up the cane yesterday and while it's not perfect it's also not bad I like to think. The top bit's a bit messy but since I still need to make and attach the dragon head I'm not too concerned about that.

Also found a way around the glasses issue thanks to some digging on homestuckcosplayhelp over on Tumblr so those should be on their way. Woohoo!

This just leaves: Jeans (did buy some yesterday but Primark can't label properly so I've actually bought a size bigger than I intended), shoes (should be easy enough to find), horns (ordering this week) and the wig which will probably be the trickiest bit but I'll hunt around and see what I can find. Everything else is in hand, woo!

...Now I just need somewhere to wear her xD

30th October 2011: First steps So, success on the Terezi front - I found something to make the cane from! I was browsing in Wilkinsons and found some rods for net curtains which will hopefully do the trick. I got some black and red tape to mock-up the basic design and I'm also going to try and make a dragon head - which should be interesting! I may end up buying a separate rod rather than doing a detachable head at this point, since the rods aren't too expensive (and are also reasonable for carrying around, since I went to Wilkinsons first and then spent another few hours nursing it while shopping).

Otherwise I think Terezi's the one I feel most in control of right now - the shirt's on its way, black jeans are relatively easy to find as are red Converse (which will be fine for everyday use too). The horns I'll be commissioning (from the approved seller) and I think I'll do the same for the glasses as I think they're a little beyond me at the moment. That just leaves the grey make-up to buy and the wig.

Oh and I tried finding chalk too. Apparently Crayola chalk has become like gold dust but I know WH Smiths sells it now so I'll pick some up in the week.

Yay progress!

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Anonymous - 14th November 2011
Liking the look of the progress on the cane. Any plans for conventions or Expos for this cosplay?

Also, thank you for the comment on GT John! Hope to see yours IRL!

ShadowofShinra avatar

ShadowofShinra - 15th November 2011
Thank you, and you're welcome :)

So far, I'm looking at Midlands MCM Expo in February (which'll end up being either Terezi or Rose), haven't planned much further than that - was going to do Kitacon but that clashes with other stuff >.>

So yes. All being well, Midlands Expo will be the first.

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 19th November 2011
Great job with the cane! :D
Oooh, you'll be doing Homestuck for Midlands Expo? :0 I'll be Eridan, say hi if you see me! I may have to track you down and recruit you into our Homestuck group~ :0

ShadowofShinra avatar

ShadowofShinra - 20th November 2011
Thank you :D

Yes, I will be, most likely with Terezi (all being well). I shall definitely be keeping an eye out for you.

Kapow avatar

Kapow - 24th December 2011
I really hope you go as Terezi to MCM, I can see this being really awesome! ; v ;

ShadowofShinra avatar

ShadowofShinra - 30th December 2011
Thank you :) All I need now is for the horns to arrive so fingers crossed she'll be done in time.

Cattrocious avatar

Cattrocious - 5th January 2012
Your an awesome Terezi! I love the cain especially.

ShadowofShinra avatar

ShadowofShinra - 5th January 2012
Thank you :D I've never made anything like the cane before so I'm pretty happy with how it's come out.

JinxRiddleWolf avatar

JinxRiddleWolf - 10th January 2012
Looks really awesome :D

ShadowofShinra avatar

ShadowofShinra - 11th January 2012
Thank you :D

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 12th January 2012
Awesome Terezi! :D

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 12th January 2012
(P.S. If you want a website that allows you to take webcam photos with a time gap between, try Dailybooth! :D -read your journal-)

ShadowofShinra avatar

ShadowofShinra - 12th January 2012
Thank you :D And heck yes website that allows for time delay! Time to play with that over the weekend I think!

purplecat95 avatar

purplecat95 - 12th January 2012
Can't wait to see this at Expo! :D <3

ShadowofShinra avatar

ShadowofShinra - 12th January 2012
:D Counting down the weeks now. By then, I will have the final tweaks under control.

obsidianMoon avatar

obsidianMoon - 21st January 2012
yaay another terezi :DD~
see you at midlands hopefully?? :33

ShadowofShinra avatar

ShadowofShinra - 22nd January 2012
Absolutely! I'll be around, for sure.

obsidianMoon avatar

obsidianMoon - 22nd January 2012
awesome, we shall get pictures. >:33

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Anonymous - 17th July 2012
Looks awesome! I love the glasses!
Hope to see you in Manchester! :oD