Link (Twilight Princess Link) - Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess




When I first played Twilight Princess, I fell in love with the game. The depth of the story, characters and the detail of the world was just astonishing. Over time, I created a backstory for silent protagonist Link, and delved into fanfiction, penning my first-ever-published work 'Heroes of Time' to positive reception. It was about that time I realised I was obsessed with Link, but hey, I love him!
The costume... well, funny story - the company I was working for at the time held a Japanese-themed fundraiser. Perfect excuse to go as Link (Japanese video game character), so I planned it all out. I am nowhere near good enough with fabrics to make my own clothes, so I regret to say I had the tunic made for me, but I am very satisfied with the end result. Tragically, it arrived a week late for the fundraiser and I didn't go dressed up at all >_< As such, I've never worn the costume out of my house.
On return to uni, I joined the Animé Society, which gave me the push to get into cosplay. I signed up for the trip to MCM and am gearing up for it! I'm mocking up stuff to complete Link's costume - at this stage, I need to make the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, Gale Boomerang, Slingshot and a couple of Bombs. I had a go at sewing and made a couple of small pouches to hang off the tunic's belts, then made a small Bomb Bag, all of which I'm quite pleased with. I'm making the Shield from foamboard, so we'll see how it looks!
30/10/2011 - my first cosplay, and the debut of me as Twilight Princess Link!


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