Luka Megurine (Matryoshka) - Vocaloid





A quick and relatively easy cosplay to make. I've always wanted to create a vocaloid cosplay but the only thing stopping me was who to be. After a long time of mulling it over, I decided that Luka would suit me the best. It was only then I had to decide my first project, so what better than Matryoshka? It's easy and cheap to make. Also, since I plan to wear this to a cosplay picnic, it's nice and warm~

Anyway, I had an old blue hoodie from Halloween 2010(A failed hunter cosplay). I washed it and sewn on fleece eyes, mouth and eye decoration. It took around two nights(4 hours. Hey! I had homework and stuff...not easy being a student) to cut and sew them on. I then ordered the wig off Ebay for an amazing price.

As for the eye makeup, I used the most common reference for it. I drew it on with eye pencil and went over it in liquid eyeliner.

So yeah. I can't wait to get an actual full shot of this beast :D


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