The Eleventh Doctor (fem version) - Doctor Who




Initially created for a friend's fancy dress birthday party, this is a fail fem!Doctor cosplay. One day I will get around to doing it properly. But yeah.

I've grown to love Matt Smith's portrayal of the Doctor, and I love his outfit.

Bowties are cool.

Fezes are also cool. 8D


And this cosplay includes them both XD
None of it was particularly hard, as it was all sourced pretty much from my room and from a few shops in Oxford :)
I already owned a white shirt and a Sonic Screwdriver, and the skirt was one I had been eying up anyway just for normal usage.
Braces, bowtie and fez were all bought relatively easily from three shops. And since I currently cannot afford shoes that are similar to Matt's Doctor, I made do with a pair of black converse. The colour is right and it's also a slight homage to the fabulous Mr Tennant's Doctor ^___^


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