Karurauatsurei (Karura) (Formal Robe) - Utawarerumono


Amecon 2012




Cause I promised Spirit of the Stage that I'd do it one day. He's been waiting two years, kind of unfair to make him wait a third.

Besides, its so pretty. Kinda like a Native American Belldandy. It ended up being the first time I'd ever used applique, which quickly became one of my favourite ways of doing things ever.

Course, this costume is now immortalised as 'Luki forgot that it was a long freakin robe, ran up steps, and tripped ripping the bottom to pieces.' Along with busting her knee and her camera. Camera was fine, as was the knee, but cosplay was ruined before I got any photos T_T

The ultimate irony? Aya 2009 when I wore the original Karura? Tripped on stairs in that too T_T This costume makes me accident prone.


Monkey posted on 5 August, 2012 - 21:42
Oh Utawarerumono cosplay! I shall be looking out for this! <3 :)

Angelphie posted on 14 August, 2012 - 19:58
This is so pretty, I love the applique!

Progress Journal

7th August 2012

And Done

This is a LOUSY cosplay when it came to me planning it. I keep realising certain things aren't the way I think they are too late to change them. Ah well, its now done, and personally I think it looks great.