Luigi - Super Mario Brothers




Luigi da winner!


Warlord Gore posted on 30 October, 2011 - 22:35
Use paint to crop some of the unnecessary parts of the photo out. that shud hopefully make them smaller and uploadable :D

Gearhead Ed posted on 31 October, 2011 - 18:05
why thank you! xD

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Progress Journal

27th October 2011


My costume is done :3 I would upload pictures but apparently the files are too big to upload >.< stupid website! oh well, use those fantastic imaginations of yours :)

27th October 2011


The hat came today! It is awesome! though it sticks out on the right a bit makes it look a little funny. Might stick something in it to level it out, not sure yet. I might be able to live with it xD

26th October 2011

Shirt and Dungerees or however you spell 'em

They came today, legs are a bit short so you can see my ankles but that actually kind of works in Luigi's costume. In the turn based attack games like Bowser's inside story, in the art Luigi is shown with ankle swingers and you can see his socks :D

22nd October 2011


The gloves came! They are very good for £4:00, they even have the three little lines that Luigi's have :) very pleased :3

20th October 2011


I have ordered the costume from Amazon. Yet another costume which can be easily bought online :/ need to go as someone who takes effort to make xD feel like im missing out on an important part of cosplaying.