Nanoha (Original) - Magical Girl Lyrical




I chose Nanoha from Magical Girl Lyrical because it was different and I knew there wouldn't be anyone cosplaying as her. This cosplay had no plushie but a staff. I had my husband, k4tt, to make the staff so that I could concentrate at making her cosplay. I found a lot of reference pictures, looked through art books and the official website to see how I would make the cosplay as there were three variations of Nanoha's costume.

I had problems making the costume. It was harder that Shinku’s costume, only because I was rather frustrated when the skirt went wrong. Cut the wrong pieces out so had to start again. Used different fabric to Shinku’s costume as I wanted to see how it would work. Bought some shoes and modified them to look similar to Nanoha.

Nanoha’s staff took the longest to make. It wasn’t 100% by the first day of the expo but it was usable. But overall, I was happy with how it looked.


Spirit Of The Stage posted on 10 October, 2008 - 16:54
OMG, finally found you! You have no idea how happy I was among the sea of the usual cosplayers I found you on the Sunday - it was awesome seeing a Nanoha cosplayer and a very well done one as well! Yes, I'll be at London Expo - I'll be cosplaying as Akatsuki from Aria and Jackal from Getbackers (which I will hopefully post up soon...)