Chinjin (Chin+Jin) (Ronin/Awesome guy) - Samurai Champloo/Real Life




There is a rather funny story behind this one, so bear with me.

I initially intended to go as Jin from Samurai Champloo ('cos he's awesome!) to May Expo 2011, as a casual cosplay. The costume was bought and I recycled my Lezard glasses. However, on arriving at Expo, my mate showed me something that he had brought with him: a mask of our amazing friend who works for TKE; Chin Soon Sun. The mask was so funny I kinda...stole it and wore it on top of my Jin cosplay. I was only doing it for a joke but everyone seemed to love it! And thus Chinjin was born. This was only enhanced when I wore this out drinking and on the tube. Chin's so busy, so it felt like I was representing him, that he was there with us! This has become my official drinking cosplay and yes, he is accompanying me to October Expo 2011 for more epic craziness!


KokiriDoll posted on 30 October, 2012 - 12:01
This is such a lulzy costume I swear I don't even. Fortunately I got to spend time with you without the mask LOL. ^_^