Fou-Lu (God-Emperor) - Breath of Fire IV




This was my first attempt at actually making a cosplay (with some help with the sewing). I love Breath of Fire, and I love Fou-Lu. He's a silver-haired (or white, depending on how you look at it) character you can be actually proud of; a million times more cool than Sephiroth, and could kick his arse too! For that reason alone, he was worth cosplaying, to me anyway. It was fun to use medieval language too!

I bought a jumpsuit and converted it, sewed the symbols on it, as well as being lucky enough to find a turtleneck jumper for the undershirt. The wrist and ankle guards were cut sponges soaked in red paint. The gloves were bought from B&Q, and the boots were croc wellies I somehow managed to find. And the belt and emblem were cardboard. A lot of tape went into this costume...a LOT.

Looking back, this probably could've been done a lot better. I wasn't as good at crafts as I am now, not to mention it was a rush job. I enjoyed doing him, but I want to remake him properly one day. My friend, SlimDefinition, recently completed a MUCH better version of him than mine for the upcoming Breath of Fire IV group, which I will be cosplaying in as Ryu, so this is on hiatus until further notice. But I would like to once again stand up and pay tribute to this awesome character...someday.


SlimDefinition posted on 23 October, 2011 - 21:09
For a rushed job, I think you did pretty well! You didn't need to give me such praise with mine, but I sincerely thank you for it. ;-)