Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Post-Soul Society arc version) - Bleach




So I don't end up repeating myself, read the costume page for the Soul Society arc Mayuri for most of the details.

I felt like doing both versions at Expo, so I made a second head-dress. This one was much more difficult, as we used clay for the "ear breasts" and "chin-penis", which made it very heavy, and we weren't sure if it'd actually stay together. It's trashed now, but it survived Expo, haha.

I also needed to make a hair piece. I used a similar technique to what I did for the scarf; fluff-filler inside fabric, then sew. It was a nice snug fit, so didn't need to attach, luckily. Did get a bit of body paint on it while wearing it, but it worked OK.

I plan to re-do Mayuri (both versions) at some point. Watch this space!


flamewizo posted on 23 October, 2011 - 20:45
good costume there :D nice one