Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Soul Society arc version) - Bleach




I am a big fan of Bleach, yet not (usually) fond of cosplaying characters who are overcosplayed, and due to Bleach's popularity, it could've proved difficult. Mayuri provided a solution to this, due to the fact that not as many people cosplayed him as other Bleach characters. I wondered why, as I always found him cool with his creepy appearance and attacks. I was soon to find out...

The kimono, obi and haori, and sandals were bought online. The rest was self-made. The head-dress was the hardest parts to make, and required meticulous planning, paper mache-ing, painting and swearing. For the scarf I bought some fluff filling from the market and stuffed it inside some fabric which was then sewed together and tied together at the ends. The pointy bits on the face component were plastic cups; they were the only thing which looked like the right shape.

I decided to make Ashisogi Jizo's shikai state myself, as I'd seen the prop being sold online, and couldn't afford it (it was about £200!!!). Fortunately I had a broken handle from a Zanpakuto prop I had bought at a previous expo, the blade was very flimsy and had snapped off, but the handle was made of metal, so I built it on top of that. The baby's face emblem was very kindly sculpted by my good friend Ben (Fran12).

Wearing it was VERY uncomfortable; the head-dress dug into my head like a vice, not to mention my whole face and arms were swathed in body paint, so I couldn't touch anything. My nails were painted blue, which was new territory for me, but overall the effect looked quite good! I plan to remake this sometime, as, despite the difficulty wearing it, I still loved it!


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